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Add discovery check endpoint
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Bots can use this with GET

    "guild_id": "858089281214087179",
    "safe_environment": true,
    "healthy": false,
    "health_score_pending": true,
    "size": false,
    "nsfw_properties": {},
    "protected": true,
    "sufficient": false,
    "sufficient_without_grace_period": true,
    "valid_rules_channel": true,
    "retention_healthy": false,
    "engagement_healthy": false,
    "age": true,
    "minimum_age": 56,
    "health_score": {
        "avg_nonnew_participators": null,
        "avg_nonnew_communicators": null,
        "num_intentful_joiners": null,
        "perc_ret_w1_intentful": null
    "minimum_size": 7000

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