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[ApplicationCommands] Option to easily set permissions on global commands
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I want an option to easily set the permissions on global commands.
The actual way is not acceptable.My idea is the following method:

public Task RegisterApplicationCommands(ApplicationCommandsExtension app_com) {
  app_com.RegisterGuildCommand<Bot.SupportGuildCommands>(858089281214087179, perms => {
      perms.AddRole(858094712375607296, true);
      perms.AddUser(366267899251392513, false);

  app_com.RegisterGlobalCommand<Bot.Commands>(perms => {
    perms.AddGuild(858089281214087179, guild_perms => {
      guild_perms.AddRole(858094712375607296, true);
      guild_perms.AddUser(366267899251392513, false);

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