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[Bug] [ApplicationCommands] Wrong call for Shard Permissions
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this is my problem:

2021-10-12 14:31:57.003 fail: DisCatSharp.BaseDiscordClient[108]
      Socket handler suppressed an exception
      DisCatSharp.Exceptions.NotFoundException: Not found: 404
         at DisCatSharp.Net.DiscordApiClient.GetGuildApplicationCommandAsync(UInt64 application_id, UInt64 guild_id, UInt64 command_id)
         at DisCatSharp.DiscordClient.OnApplicationCommandPermissionsUpdateAsync(IEnumerable`1 perms, UInt64 c_id, UInt64 guild_id, UInt64 a_id)
         at DisCatSharp.DiscordClient.HandleDispatchAsync(GatewayPayload payload)
         at DisCatSharp.DiscordClient.HandleSocketMessageAsync(String data)
         at DisCatSharp.DiscordClient.<InternalConnectAsync>g__SocketOnMessage|477_1(IWebSocketClient sender, SocketMessageEventArgs e)

from what i can read in the docs of discord, you should be able to call this with global commands? or am i interpreting the docs wrong?
else it wouldnt even make sense to add default_permission in global in the first place

The exact issue from the stack trace seems to be in the call to DisCatSharp.Net.DiscordApiClient.GetGuildApplicationCommandAsync - as global commands arent registered as a GuildApplicationCommand - but well, a GlobalApplicationCommand

thus the call will always 404 for global commands

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