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DisCatSharp 9.8.5
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Upgrade from 9.8.4 to 9.8.5

What is new in DisCatSharp?

  • Enforced Naming Conventions
  • Reworked ApplicationCommands Module
  • Timeouts
  • RestClient
  • DisCatSharp.Common Extensions
  • Attachment manipulation and alt text
  • Modals
  • Slash Attachments

What changed?

ApplicationCommands Module

First of all, the complete module was rewritten to be significant faster.
We could decrease the application command startup to ~30 seconds.
Before it was like 5 minutes for big bots.
On startup, depending on the size, it can take a few minutes till application commands can be used.
The lib automatically catches this during the startup and warns the user.
We added GuildCommands & GlobalCommands to the Application​Commands​Extension.
Every guild command will be added to DiscordGuild.RegisteredApplicationCommands and the permissions to DiscordGuild.GuildApplicationCommandPermissions

  • Instead of registering commands when the client is ready, it waits for all guilds to be downloaded.
  • The module now checks for existing commands and only executes API calls when needed.
Default Help Module

You can add EnableDefaultHelp = false in the ApplicationCommandsConfiguration to disable the module.
If not supplied, DisCatSharp automatically generates a global /help command.

Many thanks to Will for adding this to our lib ❤️

DiscordClient.UseApplicationCommands(new ApplicationCommandsConfiguration() {
    EnableDefaultHelp = true

You can now set global permissions ❤️
But we had to change the way the module works for it.
The new methods for adding commands are now:

  • Global Commands
ApplicationCommandsExtension.RegisterGlobalCommands<MyAwesomeGlobalCommandClass>(perms => {
    perms.AddRole(some_cool_guild_id, some_cool_role_id, false);
  • Guild Commands
ApplicationCommandsExtension.RegisterGuildCommands<MyAwesomeGuildCommandClass>(some_cool_guild_id, perms => {
    perms.AddRole(some_cool_role_id, true);
Options & Attributes

Discord supports integers as input but we only added long for some unknown reason.
We added to the Option type number now int.


We added the following events for you:



You have the following methods to use timeouts:


We added a property called CommunicationDisabledUntil to DiscordMember

Events (Unstable)

We added the following events for timeouts:


You can find the documentation for the timeout auditlog here.

RestClient (Experimental)

We exposed our internal http client as the property RestClient on DiscordBaseClient


We added the following RegEx to this extension:

We use them mostly internally


You can now set the alt text on your attachments!
Visit the following docs for more infos:

Our last changelogs for that:

+ Added support for file description (aka. Alt Text)
You can supply a description to {DiscordMessageBuilder|DiscordFollowupMessageBuilder|DiscordInteractionResponseBuilder|DiscordWebhookBuilder}.WithFile
You can view the description property of files with {DiscordMessageFile|DiscordAttachment}.Description
+ Added function DiscordWebhookBuilder.KeepAttachments
This allows you to add / modify & replace / keep attachments on DiscordWebhookBuilders.
+ Full support for attachment operations on messages, webhooks & interactions
Methods are now ModifyAttachments, KeepAttachments & ClearAttachments


[Command("ufwd"), Description(Download a jpg file from an url and upload upload it to discord with a description (alt text).")]
public async Task UploadFileWithDescriptionAsync(CommandContext ctx, [Description("Url of file")] string url, [RemainingText, Description("Description of file")] string description)
    Uri uri = new(url);
    var stream = await ctx.Client.RestClient.GetStreamAsync(uri);
    DiscordMessageBuilder builder = new();
    builder.WithFile("test.jpg", stream, false, description);
    await ctx.RespondAsync(builder);

Additional Notes


DiscordClient.GetUserAsync defaults now to fetch=true.

Interaction Locales

We already support the newly introduced locale and guild_locale fields on interactions!

Modals & Slash Attachments

These who things are still in private beta sadly, but we added it already.
Docs will be added on release from discord's side.

Application Command Translations

Wait.. this is a thing?! YES!!!!
It's not yet released but I know that you love to see upcoming things.
So feel free to take a look into Articles.

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